Phone Reminders to Break in a Fast

This morning I read a motivational email which said to take one full minute to list the things you are grateful for and then set your phone alarm to do it again in two hours and continue throughout the day. :alarm_clock:

I thought it a great – and timely-- idea. I have started doing it and am also using it to remind myself and reinforce my decision to fast every two hours as well as to make sure I have a fresh drink handy. :tea: This should help me stay on course the first couple of days while breaking in a new fast.
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This little practice is going great! After my final minute last night, I went ahead and set my alarm :alarm_clock: reminder for this morning and have kept it up every two hours. I use the stopwatch to make sure I give a full minute of listing what I am thankful for. I make it a prayer of thanksgiving to God and even some self-congratulations for getting a task done, such as fasting joyfully. :innocent:


Good. Its all about establishing the right mindset and sticking with a daily routine. Then you don’t “think” you “do”.

I like this little habit I am building to have a one-minute gratitude break every two hours. It’s funny how fast time can go by and then I need to stop to reflect on something new to be grateful for. :pray:

I already have a daily habit of writing down something I am grateful in the morning, so this just adds to that (although I don’t write this one down). :alarm_clock:


This is such a good practice to have while so many people are panicky and hoarding. It is uplifting to take that minute every two hours and give thanks for whatever comes to mind.

Today I had an unexpected thoughtful message – a blast from the past-- that made my mouth drop open in surprise. So that was especially something to be thankful for!

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From Your Best Year by Michael Hyatt:

:point_right: Keeps us hopeful
:point_right: Improves our patience
:point_right: Reminds us we have agency
:point_right: Expands possible responses

Gratitude has many virtues, but one often overlooked benefit is boosting our resiliency.