Non-Food Rewards

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I’m making a list of non-food rewards for myself for myself when I reach a small goal and also for a larger one. So far my list has 1) massage, 2) fresh flowers, 3) tickets to a show. What kinds of non-food rewards do you like?


Well I would like maybe a new dress at each stone I lose. I have a limited wardrobe at the moment and feel a tad envious of all those slim women wearing nice dresses but I dont want to waste money either on big clothes!!!


Nice idea of a list!

I like to treat myself with interior decorations, or something pampering like going to a salon to get my nails done or a facial!


Buying and reading a good book


So the list so far is
2.fresh flowers to a show dress for every stone lost - nails or facial and read a good book
7. A new clothing accessory (belt, spectacles, shades)


Thats definetely showing kindness to oneself!!!:smiley:


what a great idea! i would add little luxuries like …
new pretty notebook, planner supplies or colored pens, fuzzy comfy socks, and scented candles or soap.

My reward for this 10-day fast is going to be fresh flowers. :bouquet: Their beauty brings me a lot of joy for days.

I will also treat myself to a large cappuccino. :coffee:

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Massage and long showers.

I’ve a friend who is a masseuse, and I’ll be booking a massage with her on the weekend, to (hopefully!) celebrate the first week of this 28 day fast I’ve embarked on.

I reckon I’ll deserve it :slightly_smiling_face:

My man has promised me other things, but they’re not for a G-rated audience… :smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp:

New dress for sure!!!