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Today is day 1 water fast. I’m new to fasting and going for 7 days. I’m interested in better health and weight loss.


Go grl!!! :slight_smile::heart_eyes::slight_smile::heart_eyes::slight_smile::heart_eyes:
Keep us informed :muscle:
Cheering 4u :heart:


You got this!

Planning and mental preparation is key.

I can visualize you crossing that finish line. Can you?


I think because I was so busy today it really helped. I decided to go grocery shopping to stock up on a couple things; I figured it would be easier to grocery shop on day two than on day 7…lol

I’m trying to be careful who I tell about this fasting journey because the initial feedback I received from my sister was fairly negative. I did, however, have a zoom call with my DR this morning, and he did not object to the fast.

I hope we all reach healthy goals! :two_hearts: :beach_umbrella: :tada: :balloon:

Oh, p.s. I have read the book, Brain Over Binge, and it is great!


I feel You with the feedback #fastshaming is real… Yas made a video on that - you might just want to check it out :two_hearts::kissing_closed_eyes::wink:

Chins up and YOU DO YOU grl! :kissing_heart::kissing_heart::kissing_heart:


Has your sister ever had weight issues?

I just found out my sister was about 298 when she passed. She was about 5’7, I am about 5’6.

She and I have always had our ups and downs. She would not have judged me as we both had different approaches to our losing techniques.

Her husband now who has never been obese has actually been doing OMAD - lol, I don’t believe he even realized what he’s been doing. I’d mentioned to him I’ve been fasting. He said probably a good idea as he felt it contributed to my brother and sisters health issues. They both had lots of issues. But I don’t think they were ever as happy as I am in general.

State of mind is over half the recipe for good health.

Your sister has a lot more to lose for her height. Sounds like she could have a tinge of jealousy.

Fasting IMO is better than eating apples and spiking insulin all day. She may continue to struggle if she sticks to that plan.

Tell her to watch some Dr Fung on youtube. :slightly_smiling_face:


Awesome support. Thank you! I must say, IMHO, I tend to agree with many of your assessments. Family, what are you going to do? I had concerns about the insulin-spiking apples, as well. One reason I appreciate keto is for the mood control benefits; I feel more comfortable on an even (more even than without) keel.

Interesting day ahead of me today: work. Work and fasting. I’m trying to only have head space for positivity and good thoughts. This journaling helps. I will be taking pink salt with me and I’ll have some pre-loaded ACV water, too. It’ll be different not taking any kind of food whatsoever. It feels like uncharted territory, but I must remember that β€œuncharted” by me does not mean β€œuncharted” by others. I take inspiration from those who have already gone on this journey and found health and success.

I plan to be on my phone surfing the forum and reading various info during my one hour (will seem like a year) lunch :smile: I just pray I don’t get overcome with dizziness or nausea because either of those things might my sink my battleship :grimacing: I don’t like being sick away from home.

My personal record fasting is three days, which was earlier this year. No support, merely on my own steam. I was not fat adapted on keto at the time, and recall it being much more painful. All I wanted to do was sleep to pass the time. This go round, I find I have much more energy and light mood; a general feeling of positivity… Hoping this lasts. However, I understand it’s a journey. Sleep would be nice.

I understand ups and downs with a sister. She and I have had such different lives. When we were little, as she’s one year older, I shadowed her everywhere. I recall feeling grief when I realized that was over; still feel it sometimes. Gratitude helps me mitigate the losses, when I remember to have it!

Happy Fasting! :tada: :balloon:


If you like pickles, I can suggest a shot of pickle juice.

For some reason the ACV doesn’t agree with me mixed in just water.

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Thanks for the tip. I just bought a jar yesterday anticipating a just-in-case scenario.


I just checked on the back of the pickle jar for nutrition info. For the Winco Whole Dill Pickles there is 0 fat, 0 calories, 0 carbs, and 0 protein! The funny thing is where they say, "serving size: 1/2 pickle. :rofl: :rofl: I mean, if one were inclined to eat a pickle, why would one stop at half? LOL


Don’t eat the pickles until refeed! :rofl:

Yes, read the label for sugar before bringing home.

I pour a shot glass and sip it slow. Feels like a 7 course meal. :joy:


I can imagine it does…mmmmm

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Just started day 3. Feeling like :poop:, yet upbeat :rofl::rofl:


Day three ended after a couple hours. Had bone broth then keto meal. Reset fasting timer.
Fasted 25 hours, then OMAD/keto, then fasted 50 hours, then OMAD/keto. Now fasting again. I’m making progress!

Keep up the good work!
Happy Fasting! :tada::balloon:


I’m taking a tiny sabbatical for health reasons.

Keep up the good work. :muscle:t2:
Happy Fasting!:tada::balloon:

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So sorry!

I never had mumps, measles, or chicken pox.

I understand that is painful.

Sending you positive healing energy.


Same here β€”> sending loads of kisses, love and support :fist_right::fist_left:

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Starting today. Planning to stay busy with projects. Love reading all the stories. Setting project goals goals this time to stay focused. I have stickies up for 7 days.


All the best