Introduction and back on the horse

Hi all!

I’m Mary - 58 years old, post (I think) menopausal, and loooong time dieter. I’ve been working my way from low fat to Atkins to keto and now (finally) to water fasting. It seems that my insulin response is so out of whack from all the yo yo’ing that fasting is the only way to lose anything at all.

SInce April, I’ve been doing a lot of 1-8 days fasts. The longer ones usually involve cream in my coffee but lately I’ve done quite a few 2-3 days with water only. I hope to be able to do a week soon. Fasting dropped my weight from 195 (where I’d been stuck for a year!) to 181. Sadly, I crashed and burned about 10 days ago and am having trouble getting started again. But since I’m doing this to try and avoid cancer, I expect I’ll pull my finger out soon. Fear is a big motivator for me :grin:

So - I’m committing to solid keto for Mon and Tues then water fasting W-F, keto refeed on the weekend and will try to M-F water fast next week.

Thank you, Yasemin, for providing a safe place for us weird fasters to hang out. It’s unbelievably great to be able to talk about fasting without getting eye-rolls…