How do you stay busy? Project ideas, distractions, busywork?

I am in the entertainment & event biz, so I don’t have work for many more months. I am actually enjoying the break.
So I do a few dumb games on my phone, I read, garden and work on puzzles. And I am so sick of binging tv shows. And I refuse to watch the news right now.

I need more ideas…projects…
What are you working on to stay busy and distracted from the hunger?

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  1. I got re-certified as a Personal Trainer.
  2. Writing a book based on developing a treatment protocol based on fasting where I became “medication free” and dropped 81 pounds.
  3. Developing a CEU course for my certification association to educate personal trainers on fasting protocols
  4. Finishing a 6-month program developed on fasting, refeed and workout cycles culminating in a “6-pack at 60” that finishes Friday.
  5. Helping other people in the forum since as a computer guy I’m an info geek researching fasting. Just finished listening to an interview with the Chief Science Officer for Rutgers Universty Cancer Institute on the latest on autophagy and fasting.

Otherwise, just bored like you. LOL


I have a plethora of projects at any given moment.
I’ve weened the news as well. Small doses. Like checking the temperature outside.

I just got a new microphone and playing with some podcast ideas.

Want to sew some more masks for friends. Making custom covers for my custom mattress. I need more I think just for this fast as my sheets were sweaty this morning.

Have a book to write. Amazon business to work on. Vinyl records to paint. Gardening to do.

Today though just tossing in laundry will be a miracle :rofl:.

My neighbor started a new fishing group on nextdoor. He was supposed to be up to get bait already but he’s still sleeping. Haha. We go surfcasting sometimes.

What I will not be doing is cooking and dishes! That is the best part of my day today. :slightly_smiling_face: