Fertility Problems

I’ve had fertility problems ever since I had a miscarriage 1 year and a half ago. I havent been able to get pregnant since. My mother says it’s due to my weight. Others tell me it’s because my uterus is backwards. I asked my gyno and she says that I have to really try for 1 full year before going through fertility treatments. I’m not sure what the reason is but if losing weight grants my wish and desire to have a child it’s well worth it.

Any of you have fertility problems? What did you do to fix it? A friend of mine recommend to get a fertility massage, should I go get one?

I’m not super in the know about these things, but I would try acupuncture treatments. Look for someone who has good reviews and has done this before

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A lot of people in the keto chatrooms talk about this thing called “Keto Babies”, basically, these women had fertility problems for years (like a decade), and then they start keto and a couple months later BOOM they get pregnant! Look the keto baby thing up. I’ve seen some research linking SUGAR to infertility, so keto forces you to cut the sugar! A lot of time fertility issues are due to weight as you mentioned but definitely case by case. I recommend checking out the keto babies/keto posts <3

I would like another baby but at 80kg I am risking my health. I typically put on 2 stone but after birth lose it all within 10 days
…obviously some of it was baby lol!!! Time is ticking (I am 44) so quite important that I lose the weight but also maintain my nutrition. I am trying to eat low glycaemic foods but with days like today when I just started my period I do need something treat wise…researching at the moment good sugar replacements. I do like avacado and cocoa nibs though esp if chilled in the fridge :grinning:

Can’t help you there, for obvious reasons. Hopefully @Yasemin might know of some resources to help you.

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I think checking with doctor would be best bet, I’ve heard the term “keto babies” where people have babies during keto after having fertility problems for years!

Studies link sugar to having fertility problems so maybe quit sugar!

I’m planning on having a baby soon so I have been taking folic acid every day to prep my body! Also losing weight in preparation to having a healthy home to have a baby in my body! (You’re more experienced than me! I haven’t had any babies yet, this would be my first!)

I heart that obesity in mothers can cause insulin resistance in babies so as you said, if we both lose some weight and attempt to get I to a normal range before conceiving it will be great!!

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Well that is reassuring to know. I am also taking prenatal vits…taking the ‘seven seas trying for a baby’ as they are so small and the pack is discreet. :grinning:

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Just wanted to say for my children, they were conceived with the help of the clearblue fertility monitor…not cheap but worth it! I am using it now to monitor my LH surge so at least I have an idea when. I also made sure husband was eating ok as well. Most doctors say to have unprotected sex every other day but I found the monitor helpful.

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Great tips let me search it!!