Covid vaccine during water fast

Hello guys,
has anyone received a Covid vax while fasting? I am on day 10 of the fast, want to do 30 days or more. I have appointment for vaccination, it will be day 12. I know ppl felt a quite sick afterwards, so I am not sure if it is safe. Should I break the fast in order to get vaccinated? Please help, I am worried. Thanks for sharing your experiences and opinions.

Hi there, congrats on getting the vaccine… I have gotten the vaccine in May and after the second dose I began water fast. It was better for my body to concentrate on fighting vaccine effects than working on digesting food, if you feel up to it… stay the course on your fast, your body knows what it is doing, still, you should wait, watch and see how your are feeling and you will know what to do… good on you mate!!

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Hi Petra

How did it go?