Body Building and physique and fake news!

When I was younger I spent all my life on Omad Suddenly I suffered a injury at the gym while training. A bad injurie tore shoulder pendants and developed tendinitis. I needed time off which was fine… no big deal… or so i thought. in my time off I had started seeing a doctor the doctor convinced me to heal quicker I needed to come off my omad diet and start eating 3 meals a day… Little did I know the doctor was a paid shill working for big pharma! this had detrimental affects on my modeling career and in the space of 3 weeks I was out of shape and at the space of 6 weeks i was never going to compete again! I couldn’t figure out what the problem was … until I started researching and discovered that all along I was doing the right thing and the dr wher paid shils put there by big pharma to make money! there was no kfc on every corner 4000 years ago or even 400 years ago. This eating 3 meals a day is the biggest load of bs I have ever heard! And the thing is the food companies seem to have 99% of people programmed and everyone is wondering why they are fat and out of shape?! looook its right in front of your eyes! surly you can see this!? surly ! but no we keep on eating crap and dying eating and dying and even when you do tell people the poison they are putting in their mouth they do not believe you and think your a tin hat wearing conspiracy theorist because thats what the food and big pharma want you to be labeled as ! they don’t even have to fight any more or work they have brainwashed the people around you to do it for you and also talk you out of fasting even for a few days in fears you might die! omg! this is the biggest load of injustice i think the world has ever seen . they are committing mass murder on a epic scale and all for what ! ? Greed. Sad days but I am happy I finally have the answer and everyday I am unleashing myself from the grip these big companies had over my life! Thank you for reading :slight_smile:


It’s tragic! I read the book “The Pleasure Trap” which talks about this as well, but in a broader perspective, if you’re interested! We’re all suffering from excess nowadays, and the modern environment is keeping us in an addictive trap that is very difficult for our genes (that developed in deficiencies and starvation) to function in!


So True Anna. Thank you for the book. I have not read that yet but am looking that up now. That makes a ton of sense! and its true. everywhere we turn we are still in this cage and if you go against the system you are the bad guy. going against the system is getting healthy and thats what they do not want us to do! i only realized this years later. Thats how bad it is! Thank you Anna! :slight_smile:


1000000000% I am so happy we have this forum of like-minded people!


They said eat 5-6 meals a day

They say eat at least 3 meals a day

They say fasting is starvation mode

They pump MORE insulin into people with Type II Diabetes who are insulin resistant due to TOO MUCH insulin

They tell you breakfast is the most important meal a day

They tell you to workout hard and exercise when in truth you can’t out train a bad diet

They prescribe loads of meds that can be healed through eating whole foods and fasting

People definitely think I’m a tin hat wearing conspiracy theorist hahahaha, but when you know… YOU KNOW :smiley:

Very refreshing post!!! <3

I made a couple videos about that on my channel. I love this one in particular:




I will check that book out Anna! Wow!


Thanks Yasemin. Your a legend! Im so happy we have this group with like minded people who know the truth! I will watch that video now. Thanks for posting it! :slight_smile:

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I’m happy too, we can wear our tin hats together Hahahah


Hahaha! :joy::joy:

Another tin hatter here. Doctors have so little information regarding nutrition…hopefully, that is changing as we are becoming educated and taking responsibility for our health. Spiking your insulin throughout the day by eating…no longer supported by science.

Love Dr. Lisle’s book…especially good if you have an addictive food pattern. He gives us the why’s and teaches how to avoid the traps. Wish he was still at True North. Good reading.

Sounds as if you are back on the right track. Wishing you all the best…your recovery from the Dr’s advice will be quick. All the best!