Being looked up and down

Well I am beginning to lose some weight albeit not as fast as I want as it is still 2 meals a day. Anyway the other day when I was at work the horrible man I work with who takes the piss out of me …looked me up and down. I felt so awkward I just said I am making a cup of tea do you want one?

When someone looks you up and down do they know they are doing it???

I dont like him :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Wow… why can’t people just behave?
I don’t know if he was aware of what he was doing, since I wasn’t there to watch the situation, but if you were looking back at him, it sounds a bit like he was using master suppression techniques? Who knows, I hope he won’t bother you more, people like that just steals all the energy inside!

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It’s a means of intimidation. Hate office bullies like that.

Whats master suppression technique Anna?

I will ignore him but felt very awkward abt it if he does it again I am gojng to say Is everything ok to him? If he is noticing my loss its only going to continue so will prepare some answers or if I am feeling brave I might just say stop it!!!

I’d set a trap with an h.r rep myself. But I’m a sneaky bastard trained in office politics from my years working at a major Hollywood movie studio.

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Here here…how awful. Problem is he is paid a fortune to be there so will never leave. He will stay with the majority crowd so he keeps the status quo…but how awful to live a life like that.

It doesn’t matter. If he becomes more a liability than an asset they will dump his ass. Sorry I just HATE bullies. I stood up to and took down biggest boy and bully in my parochial school and I stood up against a CEO/President of a software company I was working at for my department’s administrative assistant who had just bought a house and was in no position to defend herself.

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It’s ways to indirectly suppress and humiliate opponents to mark the hierarchy positions! (Most people have seen it in politics). Such as making someone feel uncomfortable or make fun of someone to higher their own status or knowledge!

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Maybe he’s checking out your new fasting progress :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

We don’t have time to focus on the negative! Focus on what matters and the little annoyances will go away :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

People like to get a reaction out of people, so the less reaction he gets out of you, the more he will be bored of his silly tactics!

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