Are there any teas you should not drink?

Can I assume that I can drink any type of tea while fasting? Also, would O-Gatoraid be a scource for electrolytes?

Use only herbal teas. I thought I saved the information about an ingredient in Green Tea can break a fast, but my memory could be wrong let me look into it. O-Gatoraid comes up as Gatorade when I looked it up and that’s BAD for you as it contains sugar which will BREAK a fast, unless you are talking about another product. Send me the link of the ingredients if it’s NOT Gatorade.

When you say break a fast, you mean going out of ketosis, right.

The Gatorade is Gatorade Zero. No sugar.

Yes. I would avoid Gatorade Zero. Several of the ingredients have nasty side effects. One can cause muscle cramps. Another I used in fertilizer. You can look up each of the ingredients yourself. I avoid all of those energy drinks.

Tea it is, then. My wife has been pushing the idea of drinking something to keep my electrolytes up. I am not experiencing any cramping or sign of electrolyte imbalance, but I thought I would get another opinion. She is concerned. :worried: Thank you.

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