A tiny little reminder

Hi everyone!

I myself haven’t seen people promoting other diets here, but like Yasemin was talking about in her video today about comments on her last video on HCLF or other diets, I think we should all keep in mind that this forum that she has built was intended for water fasting, IF/OMAD and Keto.
And just by respect, I don’t think people should promote other diets here.
I’m not Keto/carnivore myself, actually I’m one of those annoying vegan plant eaters :grimacing:, but I’m very grateful for the fasting and OMAD part of this forum, and I think it’s important to respect that Yasemin built her videos and this forum to spread knowledge and teach about Keto/OMAD/IF and water fasting.

Just a little thought from today’s video!
We can all make our own dietary decisions about foods and such, but let’s not make it into a place of promoting other diets!

Hope everyone is doing well on their own journey to health! :two_hearts:


Hi Anna,

Thank you for this note!

This being said I would absolutely like for you to make a topic and shed some light about plant-based/vegan diet!

The reason I would love for you to share this (you can share it as REFEED for vegetarians/vegans) because we have a lot of vegetarians and vegans that don’t eat meat for religious reasons such as our members from India! I think it would be very helpful for them especially since you have had so much success! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Good to see both sides of the world from keto to carnivore (which I have yet to try) and also plant-based and vegan!

The only thing I don’t like is the High Carb Low Fat (HCLF) as you said, since I think high carb can easily turn into high processed carbs (since most people don’t know the difference between pasta & sweet potatoes, and complex carbs vs simple carbs)



I’d love to help out with that part! :ok_hand::two_hearts:


Thank you so much! I really truly appreciate all your support on this channel! I would love to one day make a video interview with you so I can ask you your experience with fasting + vegan lifestyle in order to help our vegan viewers! :sparkling_heart:


Aw that’s very sweet! :pray::two_hearts: I appreciate everything that you’ve done for all of us followers and forum members!

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Agreed. Everyone body is different. In my speeches I hold up a single walnut which usually everyone takes for granted as being healthy and is an alternative to eating fish or taking fish oil supplements.

Except for one of my friends who has a food allergy, and eating a single walnut for him can mean DEATH.

For myself, I do my own custom diet (surprise, right?) where the overriding principle is “simple is sustainable”. I stay away from reprocessed carbohydrates and sugar. I do keep other carbs at a minimum, but as long as they have fiber I will eat them (potatoes and corn for example).


Please do! My diet is more plant-based too.


I just posted a little guide in the “water fasting” thread! If you would like to have additional advise or have any questions, feel free to ask!
I modified it to suiting this forum better, since many people are interested in Keto here!